PLeeFix™ Ground Markers
Product Number: PLEEFIX
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PLeeFix™ Ground Markers

  • UV-resistant synthetic grass tufts
  • Available in Yellow, Blue, Red, White, Orange, and Green
  • Recycled polypropylene spiral cone base
  • Highly visible
  • Mower resistant
  • Difficult to remove
  • Eliminates need to re-measure natural grass athletic fields prior to painting
  • Use: sports fields (football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby, baseball/softball, track and field, golf)
  • Use: lawn maintenance (sprinkler head marker, hazard marker)
  • Package includes: 25 PleeFix™ markers, 1 driving tool, one safety cap, installation instructions

PLeeFix™ Product Dimensions:

PleeFix Product Dimensions Diagram

PLeeFix™ Markers Sports Field Usage Diagrams:

Football PleeFix Ground Markers Field Diagram


Fifty PLeeFixTM markers are needed to cover all the side lines on a US and Canadian football field assuming that only the 5 yard lines are marked on both sides' lines of the field. More can be placed on the field depending upon high school, college, or professional fields.

Soccer PleeFix Ground Markers Field Diagram


Twenty-five PLeeFixTM markers are needed to cover all the intersections and the two penalty spots. The measurements must be made from inside the penalty spots, not outside.

Lacrosse PleeFix Ground Markers Field Diagram


Because the line markings are complex in Lacrosse, we recommend 2 PLeeFix™ markers for the end lines, 2 for the remaining lines, four to draw the center circle, and for the Defense and Attack areas, a minimum of 20 PLeeFix™ markers as shown.

Field Hockey PleeFix Ground Markers Field Diagram


There are different types of hockey fields so these recommendations are for informational purposes only. It is felt that a minimum of 30 PLeeFix™ markers with a maximum of 46  PLeeFix™ markers are needed on a hockey field, 18 on the side lines,  2 on the penalty spots, 10 in the goal area depending upon whether the quarter circles are marked or not.

Rugby PleeFix Ground Markers Field Diagram


The use of 25 PLeeFix™ markers will nicely cover a rugby league field at the goal lines, the 20 meter lines, the 10 meter lines and on the touch lines. More PLeeFix™ markers may be installed depending upon on whether dead ball lines marked and whether broken lines are marked.

Baseball/Softball PleeFix Ground Markers Field Diagram


Twenty three to twenty nine PLeeFixTM markers may be used on a baseball field.

Track and Field PleeFix Ground Markers Field Diagram


Golf PleeFix Ground Markers Course Diagram


PLeeFix™ markers are usually used on a discretionary basis by each golf. A non-exhaustive list can be made here for use on golf courses: Grounds under Repair, Front and Lateral obstacles, distances, starting blocks for men, women, seniors, children, out of bounds, underground water pipes and / or electrical cables, winter greens, etc.


PLeeFix™ Markers Colors:

  •   White
  •   Red
  •   Blue
  •   Yellow
  •   Orange
  •   Green



PLeeFix Ground Marker System from Pioneer Athletics on Vimeo.