Ingredients Matter

In all we do - Ingredients Matter.

So much goes into effectively managing a great athletic surface. That's why every Pioneer product is engineered from the ground up to ensure that only the right ingredients are included. The individual components and qualities of every paint, striper, groomer, stencil and antimicrobial agent play into your results. Whether your task is to mark a field for a year or just one event, count on Pioneer to provide the right components that make it one of your best looking and least difficult jobs yet.

It all starts with the ingredients. Every Pioneer paint reflects lengthy research into formulation, production, application and performance. The level to which Pioneer takes its dedication for the right, best ingredients for each of our paints is unlike any you'll find in our industry.

The only way we know how to make paint is to travel the entire road from raw material to field application, and Brite Stripe Ultra-Friendly is our best example yet. This formula is the answer to tough questions about sustainability, environmental harm and the impact of manufacturing processes.

Every step on that road was held to the standard of "the best that the current state of the art allows." From this, Pioneer's BriteStripe Ultra-Friendly receives not just recognition but a singular standing in the field-marking community. It is hands-down the most environmentally-friendly product the industry has yet seen.

It stands to reason: what goes into a product makes all the difference in terms of what you get out of it. At Pioneer, we're focused on making sure you get the most that you possibly can for your investment.